Leather Adjustable Leash

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Product Overview

The adjustable leash is available 1/2 inch width. This leash is available in two lengths – 3ft/5ft or 4ft/6ft. .

Made of leather, two swivel snap clips (nickel plated, solid brass or black metal), two d rings and rivets.

  1. Swivel snap clips – available in nickel plated (silver), solid brass (gold) and black metal (black). Solid brass hardware is best for salt water use (buckle, d ring and rivets)

  2. A small clip can be added to the leash for dogs that use head collars (ex. gentle leader, halti etc). The small clip is smaller and lighter in weight putting less pressure on the dog’s face. Small clips are only available in nickel plated and solid brass 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review