Adjustable Half Check Collar - Medium Thickness

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Product Overview

The adjustable half check collar is made of the thinnest or medium thickness Biothane®️ material.

The medium thickness is the same feel as our standard Biothane®️ but thinner and allows adjusting. The medium material comes in all colors that the standard collars and all leashes are available in. It is available in two widths – ¾ inch (I recommend for puppies or full grown dogs with neck sizes under 14 inches) and 1 inch (I recommend for dogs with neck sizes 15 inches or bigger)

The thinnest material (Separate Listing) is more rubbery in feel and the lightest weight. The thinnest material only comes in eight colors.

Made of Biothane®️, a silver chain, rivets, a plastic slide adjuster and a plastic keeper.

Please refer to photos to measure for neck size. All collars are custom made so it is important to get exact measurements and also tell me your dogs age. If you have any question – please send me an email, website inquiry or social media DM.


Current colors - Red, Orange, Melon, Yellow, Electric Yellow, Light Green, Lime Green, Hunter Green, Teal, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Ocean Blue, Navy Blue, Coral, Pink, Neon Pink, Purple, Wine, White, Black, Gold, Grey, Light Brown, Brown

Discontinued* colors - Green, Lavender, Light Pink (more colors coming later in 2021 [date TBD] - Seafoam Green, Olive Green and Dusty Blue)

Please note - if the color you are choosing is in the current color list or the discontinued* color list. Discontinued* colors will be sold until we run out. If we run out before making your order, you will be contacted and offered another color option or a refund.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review